Lee-Anne Bigwood (That’s me!)

Where it started:

When I was a little girl, my favourite play activity with my friends was to organize! In their home or mine, we’d empty a drawer, cupboard, or closet, or even unpack a whole room, to go through its contents and carefully put back only what was meant to be kept. We’d then carefully arrange for sharing, donating or disposing of the rest. 

Some of my best memories and most gratifying work as an adult include these types of sorting and triaging activities, especially in the realms of home and garden organization. I find this work deeply satisfying and love that it brings satisfaction to my clients too, as we bring order and meaning to spaces that previously felt chaotic or ungrounded.

I feel strongly that everyone needs a little bit of help, and that service-based work should be normalized and celebrated. For example: I’m an avid cyclist, but I don’t like to do the maintenance, so I pay people to do repair and upkeep on my bike!

I’m eager and willing to help do some of the things you don’t want to do or don’t have time to do, in order to energize your indoor and outdoor spaces – and your life!

My favourite ways to work together:

Home & Space Organization / Energizing 

Gardening & Landscaping (2023 Season is on waitlist)

Whether it’s for your home, garden or business, I am in service to adding ease, flow and optimization to any project or space I encounter.  Deeply values-driven, I effectively assess, tend to and implement useful systems for anything in your living or working life that feels messy, cluttered or in need of an organized outside eye. 

As practical as I am compassionate, working together in manageable chunks and empowering you with the tools to continue with the systems I devise, allows for an accessible approach to tackling what feels sticky for you.

Specifically designed to make the most of our allotted time together, my offerings are intentionally structured to honour your financial and emotional boundaries and the fact that I do my best work when tasked with a diversity of short term plans.

Please note: I am based in Toronto, ON, with a willingness to arrange for travel to other cities or to your cottage or secondary home for longer projects.

What People Say:

“I feel so much better Lee-Anne. This felt very overwhelming, but I know now that it’s going to be ok.”

“I can see that you find this fun, and I find that kind of crazy, but I like it.” 

“Lee-Anne was able to make sense of the mess, and brought order to our chaos.

More About Me:

Selected Past Projects

Much of the above is also on my LinkedIn Profile

Interested in exploring how to work together? Send me a message through my Contact page. You can also book a complimentary 15min clarity call as an introductory meeting and see if we’re right for each other!