I used to be a landscaper on a small team in Toronto, and after successfully healing from a total hip replacement five years ago, I’m now an independent gardener!

*My 2023 Garden roster is full. You can send me a message to be added to my waitlist. Thank you!
Services include:

  • pruning,
  • weeding,
  • small-scale planting and transplanting (think human-sized trees or smaller),
  • lawn edging, (and seeding/mowing if added into other service visits),
  • flagstone laying and/or levelling,
  • clearing out fallen leaves and brush or overgrown yards,
  • and more!

** NOTE: While I will help you figure out how to enhance what you love in your garden and remove or contain what you don’t like, I do not offer garden planning, but have vetted resources for Native plant choices and local plant vendors to assist you upon request. I’m also working on a list of local landscape designers to refer you to, for which I can do the labour of their plans or designs.


I have a fair amount of knowledge of different plants, and how they will do in different environments, and I use garden apps and internet research for when something new pops up. I have experience and ‘an eye’ for what will look good, but am not a landscape designer. I’ll have just as much knowledge (or less!) than from your local garden centre worker, so you could ask them and I’ll do the labour for you!

As mentioned in my service list above, I have recommended plant vendors (such as Fiesta Gardens, Sheridan Nurseries [multiple locations], Harbord Convenience, Jay’s Garden) and resources I can refer you to such as this  list of native pollinator plants  from Blooming Boulevards.

I’d also love to recommend Elena Potter (@elenahelpsyougrow), who provides garden coaching/advising (but not design)! 

Service Area and Scope:

I live near Ossington Station and mostly travel by bike and public transit, so ideally I’m using your larger tools (rakes, shovels, etc), but I have my own small hand tools. I can bring my own yard waste bags if you need ($1/bag added to invoice), or I can use yours.

If you need other materials brought in (mulch, plants, etc), arrangements can be made on an ad hoc basis.

My garden style:

I will make things look as close to what you want as I can, but I like to let plants grow naturally and help them to thrive by pruning and tidying up, giving what I call a “Lift and Lighten.”

Many of my clients are people who just need a little energizing, confidence boosting, a touch of inspiration, or just the time and labour for what to do next. I also work with clients who have been gardening longer than I’ve been alive, who I learn and take direction from. I’m happy to be your “garden collaborator” and work alongside you, or to accomplish your garden goals on my own.

My vibe / philosophy:

My first client said, after my first visit “You are just such a delightful woman Lee-Anne. I love your spirit. I am just so happy you will be sprinkling your spirit and joy on my gardens.” When I went back for a mid-season clean up, she told me she loves how I bring “movement” to her backyard, and that the way I work in her garden is “like an artist.” 

Another more recent client came outside and said “WOW. I don’t even recognize it! You’re a miracle worker!” No amount of overgrowth will yield any judgment from me. I love a project with potential for visual progress!

I feel strongly that everyone needs a little bit of help, and that service-based work should be normalized and celebrated. For example: I’m an avid  cyclist, but I don’t like to do the maintenance, so I pay people to do repair and upkeep on my bike. I’m eager to help do some of the things you don’t want to do or don’t have time to do, in order to energize your spaces! I also provide home organizing services!


I charge $35-50/hr (sliding scale, and pick your rate according to what you can afford/feel good about). 

1 hour minimum and short visits will need to be fit into other trips to the area. Billed by the quarter hour. Payable in cash or e-transfer.

We’ll start with a complimentary introductory meeting to ‘meet the garden and the gardener,’ which can happen in person, or over Zoom, or even on a phone call if you send me photos.

Then I usually begin with a 2-4 hour session to see how much we can accomplish and plan further visits from there. I schedule for a reasonable number of hours and adjust according to the weather so that I’m always showing up to your space with optimal energy and attention. I will take breaks when needed, but will always track them so you’re only paying for my active work time.

You’ll have your own dynamic invoice document, which will outline the hours, activities, a link to photos for your property, and will include both your and my contact information.


Send me a message through my Contact page. You can also book a complimentary 15min clarity call as an introductory meeting and see if we’re right for each other!

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