Organizing and energizing your spaces

When I reminded one of my oldest friends about this recently she enjoyed telling me (and her 7 year old daughter) that I was the first and only friend that got excited about cleaning her baseboards. Before me, she didn’t even know what they were.

Services include:

  • Rearranging – optimizing space and location for your furniture, food, toiletries, plants, clothing, books, decoration, etc.
  • Tidying & Cleaning – dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, etc.
  • Packing for a move – wrapping, packing, labelling, etc.
  • Purges’ – organizing closets, pantries, rooms, and more by categorizing for your decision about removal:
    • Keep / Donate / Sell / Landfill
  • and more! I will help you figure out how to enhance what you love in your home / space and remove or better contain / organize what you don’t like.
Empty apartment victory!

Service Area:

I live in Toronto, near Ossington Station and mostly travel by bike or public transit. For projects further afield, I am willing to arrange for travel to other cities or to your cottage or secondary home for longer projects only.

My Approach & Philosophy:

We’ll start with a 15 minutes complimentary introductory meeting to ‘meet the space and the organizer,’ which can happen over Zoom, or by phone if you send me photos.

I usually begin with a 2.5-4 hour session to see how much we can accomplish and plan further visits from there. I schedule each visit for a reasonable number of hours so that I’m always showing up to your space with optimal energy and attention. I will take breaks when needed, but always track them so you’re only paying for my active work time.

To start, I’ll facilitate an instantaneous energy boost by doing a high-impact cleaning and tidying up, offering what I call a “Lift and Lighten.” No matter how much mess or clutter, you will never experience any judgment from me. I love a project with potential for visual progress!

Let’s get this ORGANIZED!
  • While I will encourage you to downsize and think through items that are not in use, I will never shame you about keeping things that are still important to you. It’s integral that this process supports your goals and makes you feel better.
  • We’ll find the perfect balance between your desired level of neatness and the reality of your everyday use of the space, ie: workable surfaces vs. completely bare surfaces
  • I’m in the business of helping you live a life with more ease, not encouraging you to purchase organization products. We’ll creatively use existing buckets, baskets and boxes to create tidy and organized spaces in your home.
  • Ideally I’m using your existing cleaning supplies (rags, garbage bags, paper towels, cleaning liquid, etc) and containers (buckets, boxes, tupperwares, etc). If you need other materials brought in (underbed storage, caddies, buckets and boxes, etc), arrangements can be made on an ad hoc basis.

Design & Planning:

  • Many of my clients are people who simply need a little energizing, confidence boosting, or a touch of inspiration. I’m happy to be your “organization collaborator” and work alongside you, or accomplish your space goals on my own.
  • I am known to have ‘an eye’ for making a room feel both lighter and airier, but also cozier and with more personality, but I am not an interior designer. That being said, research on what to do next when it comes to design is an option. 


  • I charge a sliding scale/pick-your-own-rate of $35-50/hr, with a two hour minimum for the first visit, billed by the half hour thereafter. Please choose our rate according to what you can afford / feel good about.
  • I am proud that using this scale has given me the opportunity to work with clients with less access to resources to get assistance at a lower cost. Thank you for supporting this work!
  • Work is payable in cash or via e-transfer to
  • I’ll prepare a custom dynamic invoice document, which will outline my hours, activities, and helpful links and photos for you. It will include our respective contact information as well as reflect amounts owed and/or paid by the client.

COVID / Health & Safety protocol:

  • I am fully vaccinated and up to date on my boosters. When possible, I will do work outside (ie, bringing out buckets or bags of items to go through in the yard / garage / on the balcony). I will wear a mask if / when we are in the same indoor room together. I am an avid hand washer and will bring my own hand sanitizer.
  • I will cancel or reschedule if I’m having symptoms of any sickness and ask the same of my indoor clients.
  • I schedule for a reasonable number of hours so that I’m always showing up to your space with optimal energy and attention. I will take breaks when needed, but will always track them so you’re only paying for my active work time.
  • If you have any other questions or concerns, we can discuss them in our intro meeting, or at any point along the way.

My impact:

My first client last season said after my first visit “I feel so much better Lee-Anne. This felt very overwhelming, but I know now that it’s going to be ok.” Another said “I can see that you find this fun, and I find that kind of crazy, but I like it.” 

More Client Testimonials and Case Studies:

  • ‘Erika’ – Skilled home cook and baker with room for optimization in the pantry. “It actually inspired me to look at other areas of my home that could use a good re-think. Thanks for making re-organizing so fun!”
  • ‘Allison & Victor‘ – Full-time working parents of two. “…thank you for making my life easier. The way you organized everything is both intuitive and logical…
  • ‘Denise’ – Busy homeowner with longstanding to do list. “Lee-Anne was able to make sense of the mess, and brought order to our chaos.
  • ‘June’, a full time working Mom of 2, who I helped with “decluttering/flow changes on the ground floor (focused on living room, front hall and kitchen.”
  • ‘Jenn,’ a busy Mom of 2, overwhelmed with stuff on her overflowing closets, shelves and dressers. “This helps me breathe freely again.”
  • A collection of screenshots of thank you or follow up messages from past clients.

Does your space need my organizational help?

Send me a message through my Contact page. You can also book a complimentary 15min Clarity Call as an introductory meeting and see if we’re right for each other!

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