Case Study / Testimonial: “Erika”

Skilled home cook and baker with room for optimization in the pantry

Erika’s delicious creations in the kitchen are consistent daily accomplishments. Her fridge, cupboards and pantry were fully stocked with all sorts of ingredients for homemade goods, but they were packed so full, and arranged according to the shape/type of container rather than the contents, that she found herself forgetting what was in the back corners and frequently purchasing duplicates and finding some contents going stale.

In a short session, Erika’s cupboards were emptied, duplicates were consolidated, bakeware and appliances were removed and joined similar items in other areas of the kitchen and we purged ingredients that were expired or not being used. As she said in a feedback form: “The best aspect was the thoughtful and respectful way [Lee-Anne] went about defining what could be done and getting my buy-in before beginning to re-organize.

I appreciated that because even if things weren’t always arranged logically [before], I was still used to where things were and I needed to be on board about the proposed changes before they could take place.

I liked that you brought a fresh perspective to how things could be placed, grouped etc.”

Erika filled out the feedback form a few weeks after the organization, and said that “It actually inspired me to look at other areas of my home that could use a good re-think. Thanks for making re-organizing so fun!”

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