Environmental Sustainability:

I mostly travel by bike and public transit, so ideally I’m using your larger tools (rakes, shovels, vacuums, etc), cleaning supplies (rags, garbage bags, paper towels, cleaning liquid, etc) and containers (buckets, boxes, tupperwares, etc),

My small profits that I invest each month have been divested from supporting any fossil fuel projects.

Reusing / Upcycling: I will help you figure out how to enhance what you love in your home / space and remove or better contain / organize what you don’t like. I’m in the business of helping you live a life with more joy and ease, not selling products. I don’t believe in buying more things in order to organize the (maybe too many) things you already have, so I will encourage you to use containers and items you already own in new ways rather than purchasing new shelving, matching buckets, etc.


Complimentary intro/clarity calls or visits. No commitment until we both feel ready to move forward.

Pricing is sliding scale/pay what you choose according to what you can afford/ feel good about for home and cottage services. I keep my prices set, but affordable for corporate clients.

Flexibility: we are not tied to a particular plan. If you change your mind after or in the middle of a session we can pivot!

Judgement Free:

No judgment from me, no matter how much overgrowth, mess or clutter. I love a project with potential for visual progress!

I will make things look as close to what you want as I can, but I believe that ‘completely bare’ surfaces and areas are just… not realistically sustainable if that’s not the way you’ve lived your life before. 

I have a background in Psychology & HR. I am professionally discreet!

Client Driven Empowerment:

I am willing and able to research with and for you on what to do next. Many of my clients are people who just need a little energizing, confidence boosting, or a touch of inspiration. I’m happy to be your “garden or organization collaborator” and work alongside you, or to accomplish your space goals on my own.

While I will encourage you to downsize and think through items that are not in use, I will never shame you about keeping things that are still important to you. It’s integral that this process is about accomplishing your goals to make you feel better.

I will respect your right to privacy and never share anything without your explicit permission.

Normalization & Celebration of Service-Based Work:

I will start with an instantaneous energy boost by doing a high-impact pruning, clearing, cleaning or tidying up, giving what I call a “Lift and Lighten.”

I feel strongly that everyone needs a little bit of help, and that service-based work should be normalized and celebrated. For example: I’m an avid cyclist, but I don’t like to do the maintenance, so I pay people to do repair and upkeep on my bike.

I’m eager and willing to help do some of the things you don’t want to do or don’t have time to do, in order to energize you and your spaces!

Health and Safety:

I am fully vaccinated and up to date on my boosters. When possible, I will do work outside (ie, bringing out buckets or bags of items to go through in the yard / garage / on the balcony). I will wear a mask if / when we are in the same indoor room together. I am an avid hand washer and will bring my own hand sanitizer. 

I will cancel or reschedule if I’m having symptoms of any sickness and ask the same of my indoor clients.

I schedule for a reasonable number of hours so that I’m always showing up to your space with optimal energy and attention. I will take breaks when needed, but will always track them so you’re only paying for my active work time.

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