Case Study / Testimonial: “Denise”

Busy homeowner needing help with a longstanding ‘To Do’

Denise’s family has a major collection of tools and reno/DIY supplies. Her other supplies (such as cooking and crafting) seemed to be able to be dealt with but sorting and organizing the tools had been “a daunting task.”

As she said in a feedback form: “Lee-Anne was able to make sense of the mess, and brought order to our chaos. We were able to have at hand tools in our unit, and tuck the rest away in storage!”

She said that even after we had booked my session it already helped her. The most positive aspect of the service was: “Having a professional here to do the task. It was nice to know that it would be handled with care and expertise, and wasn’t something I needed to think about anymore.”

Denise has gladly provided this testimony and advised those who are considering booking me to: “Think about the tasks that have been languishing at the bottom of your to do list, begging to be checked off. Let someone else help! it’s ok to reach out and ask for help!”

Interested in my organizational help?

Send me a message through my Contact page, or a direct message on my @allofthehelp Instagram. You can also book a complimentary 15min clarity call as an introductory meeting and see if we’re right for each other!

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