Case Study / Testimonial: “Allison & Victor”

Full-time working parents of two

After multiple moves without ‘proper packing and unpacking,’ they had a basement full of seasonal clothing, tools, renovation supplies, old kids stuff and other random things that had been shoved into boxes onto shelves.

Their desire was for a feeling of more space and less clutter, so that when the basement was being used for kids playtime, the toys were easy to access and easy to put away, and when the basement was being used to relax, it felt relaxing.

Their goal was to have everything out of cardboard boxes and into labelled buckets and bins that the shelves had been designed and purpose-built for.

This project was spread over three weeks: one 4.5-6hour day per week. It involved sorting, consolidation, labelling and prepping for purging decision making with the homeowners.

First step: all the books to one shelf, and everything else off, ready to be sorted and consolidated.
Step 2 on day 2: after much had been sorted and consolidated, the homeowner makes some decisions on keep/donate/toss, for me to model with the remaining buckets
Art Supplies, sorted by category

Shelves organized. Note one bin is labelled ‘Empty!’
Bins and buckets are consolidated, sorted and labelled.
After. Everything has a place. Play, craft, DIY time+ is easier to clean up from.

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