Case Study / Testimonial: “June”

Full-time working Mom of two

June is a working mom in a well-sized, but cozy house with her partner and two active littles. Her kids love to participate in swimming and other seasonal sports, as well as play with their many toys and art supplies. Their gear was bursting out of their tiny century-home closets and piling in corners!

June’s work involves a lot of video-conference calls, and her home office on the landing of her upper floor was leaving her uninspired for lighting and background options.

June and her partner like to entertain friends and family, but their foyer was not feeling very welcome, their living room was acting like a full-time play room; their dining room was seeming like an art studio, and their kitchen was over-loaded with recycling to be dealt with and an outgrown ‘mini-kitchen’ that was taking up valuable storage and preparation space.

As June said in her feedback form, I helped her achieve her goals by helping to “make some decluttering/flow changes on the ground floor (focused on living room, front hall and kitchen! Over a brief three days [this project was spread over three weeks: one 3.5-4.5 hour day per week], Lee-Anne worked with me (and independently while I worked) to just help us take charge of the space.”

This project involved purging, sorting, consolidation, rearranging and general tidying up. We found under-utilized shelves, buckets, baskets and tables in other areas of the home to be put to better use in new areas.

Kitchen / Back Entrance Before
Kitchen / Back Entrance After
Living Room / ‘Kids Foyer’ Before
Living Room / ‘Kids Foyer’ After
Living Room / Toy Room Before
Living Room / Toy Room After
Hall Closet After (making use of upper shelves!)
Front Foyer Closet After (Triangle shaped!)

Not pictured: the cleanup work we did on her kids’ rooms (new Zoom background!), the basement laundry room and tool storage area, the space under her landing desk, unpacking loads of boxes in her bedroom, the foyer hooks being clear from coats which is now a space for scarves and purses, and more!

“It’s been a chaotic and intense time, and while I’ve had lots of professional and personal changes, keeping up w/ refreshing and making the house a space we felt great in just felt too much at the end of every week. Lee-Anne was exactly what we needed to make some decisions, make some adjustments and get to tackling some of this to make our house flow better for us (that’s four of us, including two growing boys — aged 4 and 7).

June rated my services as ‘Excellent! Beyond my expectations!‘ and said that the best part was how I “safely helped to make sense of things in the home, establishing some good practices that have helped make the first floor space much more manageable, and [create] some new work spaces!’

It was a delight to work with June, and witness the huge changes that happened in a short period of time.

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